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Weight Managment

Overweight or obesity has become a common problemamong people these days, and it usually results frompoor lifestyle factors like sedentary lifestyle, irregular eating habits, not exercising, etc. Due to the increased risk of many health issues, obesity has become a major problem. So, Silver stream MDT Wellness has come up with surpassed techniques by which you can lose your weight rapidly without any side-effects.


At Silver Stream, we have put together various programs related to weight loss which helps you take care of your nutrition, hunger and cravings.

At Silver stream, our purpose is to help you loseweight, safely and rapidly and maintain that weight for life. So that throughout your life, you can enjoy to the fullest with optimum health, vitality and energy.


We have different phases in our weight management programs which go step-by-step. They are: -

  • Medical management- When an individual comes to us for weight loss, our weight management doctors study the past history of the person in order to know if there is any issue which is assisting in gaining weight. And these problems can be both, medical or psychological. This overall assessment will finally deliver results as to what program will be applied to the patient.


  • Dietary advice- In this step, the experts of Silver stream recommend a personalised daily calorie meal to consume, ensuring the weight loss goal.


  • Exercise prescription- Our professional and highly qualified doctors also tell the patient to do some weight loss exercise by which the process goes faster and quickly; and the goal can be achieved.



  • Mind Power training- Every patient is motivated to achieve great results with the help of Silverstream MDT. We also train them on how to maintain the weight while controlling their hunger and cravings.


  • Result-driven- Congratulations! Finally, you have achieved your weight loss objective.


The motive of our program is to help make your weight loss journey saferand easier with the help of our weight loss program in different phases. We provide all these services in a respectful and supportive environment under the supervision of medical professionals.

So, put your gained weight on the back seat in order to gain your confidence back with weight management Gold Coast.

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